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  • July 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 7

    .Here we are right now in the middle of 2018,
    and how are you doing at accomplishing your
    goals for the entire year?
      Read More

  • June 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 6

    Everyone has their own negotiating style, but
    what does your own style of negotiating really
    reveal about you?   Read More

  • May 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 5

    Having good financing available is a major supporting factor in maintaining solid commercial real estate values. Whenever our economy is recovering from an economic
    downturn, the increased ease with which borrowers can then obtain loans, when
    combined with being able to buy property with a lower down payment, helps to
    increase both the demand and the excitement within buyers to own more property, which
    then helps to support and drive prices upward.   Read More

  • April 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 4

    Larry Callahan heads one of the largest developers of industrial real estate in the
    Southeast, with projects located from Tennessee to Florida.   Read More

  • March 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 3

    One mistake that property owners often make is not preparing their property for the market properly before they begin selling or leasing it. As an example, most of us,if we were going to be selling our own car to the general public,
    would have it washed, cleaned, and vacuumed inside, and some of us would even have the car waxed or detailed, too. Because we know that people’s first impression of the vehicle will go a long way towards stimulating their interest in buying it. In addition, we also
    understand that if people don’t like the overall cleanliness of the car inside and out, that fewer people will become interested in buying it, and those who do become interested are likely to offer us less money for it..   Read More

  • February 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 2

    When it's time to begin moving forward on your next commercial real estate transaction, how do you know which broker will be the best one for you? You may be getting prospected by several or maybe even many brokers, but
    when it's time to select the one to begin working with, what will be the best criteria for you to utilize when making this decision?   Read More

  • January 2018 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 6, Issue 1

    With the New Year now being here, everyone would like to know what the future will hold for us within commercial real estate in 2018. But while we don't have the crystal ball, commercial real estate industry news resource recently sat down and interviewed Situs RERC President Ken Riggs on what we can expect in 2018, and here's what he said...   Read More

  • December 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 12

    With the Holiday Season now being upon us, and with there oftentimes being a natural feeling of slowing down during the Holiday Season, this can be the perfect time to create your commercial real estate game plan for 2018.   Read More

  • November 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 11

    If you've ever been involved in selling a property and then looking to locate a Section 1031 tax-deferred exchange property, you know what this experience can be like. The moment you close on the initial sale of your property, the clock then begins ticking. You've got 45 days to identify the property that you will be exchanging into, and then six months from the closing date of your original sale to then close this "upleg" transaction.
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  • October 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 10

    Many people, when they invest in commercial real estate, think in terms of having to come up with all of the money that's necessary to buy the property on their own. But there's a different approach that's also being utilized, and it's being implemented by some of the most sophisticated commercial real estate investors in the world, as well as by smaller, more entrepreneurial investors, too.   Read More

  • September 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 9

    Fractional-reserve banking is a term that many of us have heard throughout the years, but what does it really mean? It can sound impressive and sound complicated, but how many of us have really taken the time to look behind the veil and learn just how this system really operates?   Read More

  • August 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 8

    Over recent decades, getting a Phase 1 environmental report completed has become the norm when buying and selling commercial property. Buyers and lenders simply need to know if a property may have any contamination that needs to be remediated, as the price of doing the remediation can become substantial. In addition, if you're a property owner and you're planning   Read More

  • July 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 7

    When you're a property owner and you're leasing space to tenants, finding good, reliable tenants is very important. The last thing you want to have happen as an owner is to sign a lease with a new tenant, and then discover that the tenant creates problem   Read More

  • May 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 5

    In the early 1980s, we experienced the prime interest rate being above 20%. We were in an economic recession here in the U.S. back then, and people weren't too excited in knowing that if they purchased commercial real estate, they'd be asked to pay more than 20% in annual interest on their loans.   Read More

  • April 2017 Commercial Newsletter

    Volume 5, Issue 4

    The economy has been chugging along fairly nicely in most areas for several years now. But this then always begs us to ask the question, "When will we experience the next economic downturn?" This isn't a question that we often like to ponder, but at the same time, we'd always like to anticipate what's coming our way.   Read More

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