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In 2004, Filippo Fanara and Alfredo Mejia shared a vision of developing and managing commercial real estate in a sensible, efficient way. They founded Commercial Industrial Broker Associates with the idea that when it comes to service, professional and personal are not mutually exclusive. They knew that they could best serve client needs by first understanding them. They believed in not only outshining the competition, but also constantly improving their own capabilities and with that, performance. With that in mind, they set up shop in Duarte and dedicated themselves to providing the best client service and real estate solutions available.

Over half a decade later, CIBA Real Estate is still going strong by staying true to those founding principles. We still seek to serve our clients in a more personal fashion than any other brokerage in the Los Angeles area. We still share the vision of property owners by owning, developing and managing our own properties. We still strive to better ourselves and our service.

CIBA Real Estate - About - Values and Vision

Values & Vision

CIBA developed from the mission to provide better assistance to clients seeking real estate advice and services. By partnering with our clients, we are able to understand their goals and real estate needs. This approach has enabled us to create long-lasting relationships. We are a real estate brokerage based on family values and offer each of our clients the same conduct we expect from our service providers – the utmost respect, consummate integrity and, of course, results.

We pride ourselves on our client focus. We love rather than loathe client feedback, and we work hard to implement related changes because we know the satisfaction of seeing our clients coming back.


Filippo Fanara

Filippo Fanara Broker, Principal

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Alfredo Mejia

Alfredo Mejia Principal

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Brian Deets

Brian Deets Principal

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Susie Vadino

Susie Vadino Office Manager

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Gina Fanara

Gina Fanara Senior Associate

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Katelyn Mejia

Katelyn Mejia Associate

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